Deleting tracked time without rewards

If a user has incorrectly tracked volunteer time without redeeming rewards, and it is approved, you can delete the submission so that it does not skew your reporting. A user has not redeemed rewards if the Rewards field on the submission displays No Rewards Selected.

If a submission does not have the Approved or Auto Approved status, you can Reject it.

Once you have deleted or rejected an incorrect time submission, you can ask the user to submit a new one with the correct details. 


To view volunteer time submissions, you must have one of the following user roles:

  • volunteer manager
  • volunteer manager (no reporting)
  • volunteer manager junior admin

To delete volunteer time submissions, you must also have the following role:

  • volunteer rewards manager

Deleting time submissions

To delete an approved volunteer time submission without rewards:

  1. Go to Manage > Volunteer > Approve Volunteer Time
  2. Update the Status filter to Auto Approved or Approved and select Apply
  3. Locate the approved volunteer time submission and select Details.

    gif (delete time submission).gif

  4. Select Delete Time Submission
  5. Select Confirm Deletion

This action removes all records of the volunteer time submission and is irreversible. You cannot report on deleted submissions once they’re deleted. 

The user is not notified when their time submission is deleted and they will no longer see it in their volunteer history.


If a user has redeemed rewards with their volunteer time submission, submit a help request to delete it. These requests may be subject to a reversal fee

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