Seed user accounts



To seed user accounts, you first need to have the Awards Manager role assigned to you. Once you have this role, follow these steps to seed user accounts with donation currency.   


1. Locate an Employee  

Once you’ve logged in, click Manage in the top right corner of your screen and then click the People option within the toolbar.   


From here, you can use Search & Filter to find people you'd like to give donation currency to. Use any filter option to select your group. To seed a group of users that don’t fall into a specific group determined by your demographic data, use the Email List Management function to pre-select these people.


2. Allocate Donation Currency  

Once you’ve found the people you're looking for, click the checkbox beside their name.


Now, scroll down to the Batch Updates section on the left hand side of the screen and select Allocate Donation Currency to users before pressing Submit.  


3. My Rewards or My Funds  

Next, decide whether to seed the employee’s My Rewards or My Funds account. Pay close attention to the bullet points that outline what happens when currency is seeded into one of these two accounts. When providing users with a gift of donation currency, My Rewards tends to be the most common choice.   


  • If you've selected 'My Rewards'


Enter a dollar amount to deposit into the employee’s My Rewards account and select the Description that best suits this allocation. A unique Identifier that you add here, will be reportable in the future.   

If you’d like this currency to have an expiry date, check the box labeled These rewards expire. The default date is one year from the current date, unless you choose a different date from the calendar.  

If you don't want the funds to have an expiry date, un-check the box. 

Under the Options section, you can choose to have the employee notified about the seeding, and whether or not the rewards will be deducted from the individual's match budget. 

Once confirmed the Rewards are seeded almost immediately into the user's account. 

  • If you've selected 'My Funds'


Enter a dollar amount to deposit into the employee’s My Funds account and decide if you want the user notified about the seeding. When you're finished, click Next.

Please Note: When you're seeding manually in Spark, you may see a checkbox with the option for whether or not you want to have seeding draw down from user's caps - check it if you choose. If you don't see this option and would like to specify whether your seeding hits user's caps, please contact your Client Success Manager.


4. Confirmation  

Once you've gone through the above steps you will have the opportunity to review the details one more time before the transaction is submit. If the information is accurate, select Allocate Donation Currency and the funds will be seeded into the user’s account immediately.


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