Creating and managing budget allocations

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This feature is currently in Open Beta testing. Contact support for more details.

You can allocate and manage your affinity groups' budgets and track spending within the platform. Program administrators can allocate group budgets, while group leaders can manage forecasting and request to spend allocated funds. Dashboards are also available to help you manage budgets. 


Program administrators can create and manage budget allocations. 

Group leaders can view their group’s budget and create spending requests for the allocated funds.

Creating a budget allocation

A budget allocation assigns funds to a group, informing group leaders of their group’s available funds and when they expire. 

To create a budget allocation: 

  1. Go to Admin > Manage > Budgets & Spending.
  2. Select Allocate funds.
  3. Enter allocation information:

    • Name: enter a label for the allocation 
    • Amount per group: how much money are you allocating to each group?
    • Groups: search for the group(s) you are allocating funds to.
    • Expiry date: choose an expiry date or select These funds do not expire if the budget allocation is not restricted by time. 
  4. Select Next and review the allocation. 
  5. Select Submit to confirm the allocation. 

Managing allocations 

All active allocations are displayed in the Allocations tab until they expire. You can search for an allocation by keyword using the search bar. 

The following actions are available: 

  • View summary: review the allocation summary.
  • View groups: view the list of allocated groups, and group-specific allocation information. 

Updating a group allocation

Administrators can reallocate funds anytime if some groups need more than others.

To edit the budget amount available for a specific group: 

  1. Choose an allocation and select Actions > View groups
  2. Locate the group allocation you want to update and select Actions > Update amount.

  3. Indicate whether you want to Add or Subtract funds and enter an amount. 

  4. Select Review to check the details and then Submit to confirm.

The Amount remaining is updated on the per-group allocation page but the Initial allocation will remain the same. You can go to Actions > View details to see an audit history of allocation changes.

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