Sending an email to multiple proposal contacts

You can email several organizations that have submitted proposals at once. Just select the proposals you're interested in from the mailbox and create an email. This will let you reach out to the contacts associated with those proposals.

To create an email and choose multiple recipients: 

  1. Go to Proposals and locate the mailbox with the relevant proposals. 
  2. Filter results and select the checkbox next to each proposal. 
  3. Select More Actions > Send Email. 
  4. Choose the appropriate email template, or use a blank template, and select Next. 

You can now edit your email and choose the recipients. 

  • Subject: customize the subject line of your email. 
  • To: 
    • Default: If you are using an email template, this option populates the email addresses specified in the template. 
    • Submitter Email: populates the email address of the submitter for each selected proposal.
    • Emails from Submitted Proposal: choose an email question type from the proposals to use email addresses.  
  • Body: customize the body of your email. Any text that appears within {{ }} is a placeholder to populate proposal-specific information. Do not modify this text if you want to pull in details.

Select Preview Email to see the email that will be sent to the contacts of the first proposal. You can make sure the email address, subject line, and body format are right. Also, any text in {{ }} from editing will now show the actual data from the proposal. If you need to make any changes, select Back to Editing

When you are happy with the preview, you can Send Email. You are then redirected to the mailbox and notified if the send operation is in progress. 


Select the Notifications icon at the top of the page to see the send status of the email.

If the send operation has finished with errors, you can view error information by selecting View Details. Any emails that do not have errors are sent to the proposal contacts. If the email is sent successfully, you’ll see the email in the proposal Review History.

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