Sharing the download link for the Benevity app

Your program is assigned a single, custom link that automatically directs users to their app store so they can download the Benevity app. This link works on both iOS and Android devices.

After the app has been downloaded to their device, your program domain will automatically be filled in, making it easy for your people to sign in and eliminating guesswork or confusion around what to fill in. All they will require is their username and password (or SSO credentials, depending on your authentication setup).



Get your link and get started!
Note: To access this dropdown in Spark, the Benevity App must be enabled and you must be assigned the Site Settings Manager role.

To get your custom link, log in to the Manage side of your spark site and go to Site Settings > Manage Mobile App.

The download link will automatically be generated for you. Copy the link and use it in email communications, posters, presentations, and more. Create a QR code to make it easy for people to scan with their mobile device and connect to your program, no matter where they are. See the Benevity App launch kit for more information and tools available. 


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