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Your people want to contribute to positive impact in their community, especially during these ever-changing times. You help them do that every day through your program — but what about employees who still haven’t logged in? Chances are they are looking for a way to engage, but aren’t aware of your program or are unsure how to get started. We’ve created this resource with everything you need to encourage employees to log in for the first time. 

First Download the email templates and get started

We've created email copy to help you connect with your people. It includes information about Giving, Volunteering and Missions. Customize this copy in any way that works best for your program! Download the email templates and customize them for your program. 

Next, determine your audience

There's a new stock report available to you in Benevity Reporting. The Spark User List stock report will help you determine users who are active as part of the demographic data, but have never logged in to your Spark site and accepted those terms of use. 

  1. Sign in to Benevity Reporting.
  2. Find the Spark User List stock report in the Stock Reporting Library.
  3. Set User Status to Active.
  4. Set User Accepted Legal to No.
  5. Export the report.

Send your Email

To maximize formatting options and ensure deliverability, we recommend that you use your own email channel to send the communication. However, you do have the ability to send this communication using the Bulk Email Tool in Spark. To deploy using the bulk email tool in spark. First, create your custom email list in Spark using the data from the Spark User List stock report. Then, use the bulk email functionality to send the email to your people. 


First time user activation best practices 

  • Send your log-in activation email a few weeks before your big annual campaign to maximize new sign-ups before your big campaign.
  • We recommend you send an email like this 2–3 times per year and keep engagement going year-round.
  • Seeding is an extremely effective way to drive engagement with new users. Based on our usage data, we know that Benevity clients who used seeding had on average 125% higher overall participation than those who didn’t. And, Benevity clients who used seeding saw 68% more account activations than those that didn’t.
  • Keep in mind that opening your program allows employees to give or volunteer with any nonprofit they are passionate about, and provides more avenues for engagement with your program.
  • No time to set up a campaign? No problem! Log into Spark and check out the Content resources where we host ready-made resources to support you! 
  • Consider a mini survey to find out why your people have (or haven’t) logged in to your program.
  • Keep us posted! Your CSM will partner with you as your campaign rolls out and can advise you on further best practices to consider.
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