Advanced strategies for boosting participation in your annual campaign


The more people you can engage in your programs in meaningful ways, the closer you are to creating an inclusive-purpose driven culture. And that culture can have positive impact on your people, company and communities.

Part Two of this two part webinar series is all about building on those fundamentals or essentials we went through last month. Hopefully this will give you some new ideas or inspire you to move forward on a few advanced strategies for driving participation in your Goodness Programs as you start planning for your annual campaigns, or even to help achieve your year-round Goodness goals.


1. Make Goodness Integrated

Unite Giving and Volunteering - Companies with giving and volunteering enabled have on average 55% higher overall participation rate than those with giving only.

Integrate Goodness Programs Into Existing Business Operations - Great things happen when clients integrate their program into other existing business operations, finding mutual wins for all parties

Community Impact Portal - A branded, configurable public-facing site. It lets you invite friends, family, customers and vendors to get involved in your Goodness initiatives

Enable Missions - A new dimension to your Goodness program by offering an inclusive and powerful way to engage your people and drive collective impact through every day positive actions

Integrate Mobile - Engage your people on the go with Benevity's new mobile app! 

2. Make Goodness Global and Local

Activate Benevity One World and go Cross-Border with Volunteering - Benevity One World enables donations to causes in over 100 additional countries 

Employee Ambassador Programs Cultivate a goodness community by engaging a network of local champions. They can help scale a Goodness program by catalyzing volunteering and giving at their local workplaces.


3. Make Goodness Friendly

Enable Friendraising in Spark - Friendraising allows administrators to create fundraising opportunities that include employees’ personal pages. Let your people rally around causes together, engage their friends and family and use the power of crowdfunding to make a real difference.


4. Make Goodness Big

Give your program a personality and get creative with campaigns- Think outside of the box to run fun and innovative campaigns that really drive participation and social impact. 

Make a communications plan and get your leaders on board - Use creative communication to inspire and engage your people and leaders.


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