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Successful workplace giving and volunteering programs provide opportunities throughout the year for people to support the causes that matter to them. Content Streams brings current events and Benevity-created giving opportunities directly into the dashboard so your people can discover and explore causes quickly.




Trending Now

This is a section for Benevity-created giving opportunities based on major caused-focused awareness dates and events through the year. Employees can discover causes they want to support or act quickly when disaster strikes.

Program managers will be able to view the content that will be published in this section via the Trending Now calendars. When a natural disaster occurs, that will take precedence over the awareness date content.


Popular Causes

These are curated giving opportunities — based on insights into what content users across Benevity clients are searching for — that include trusted and vetted nonprofits delivering impact across cause broad categories like hunger, the environment, animal welfare, equality, health and more.

These are great for people who don’t already have a favorite nonprofit they support, like the ASPCA, but want to improve animal welfare.


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