Demystifying software testing at Benevity

When developing software, it’s essential to make sure it runs smoothly and meets our users' needs. At Benevity, we approach software testing methodically through four key phases: Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta, and General Availability. Each stage involves different levels of testing and client feedback, ensuring that our products are both effective and user-friendly.

Alpha Testing

Alpha testing is where we start. In this phase, we work with a small group of clients to test the basic elements of a feature. This happens early in development when about 20-60% of the capabilities are complete. 

The feedback we get from this initial phase is crucial. It helps us identify what’s missing, what needs improvement, and what features are most important to our clients.

Closed Beta

The Closed Beta phase broadens the testing to include more selected users. This phase starts only after most of the critical capabilities are complete. During Closed Beta testing, you can use your data to test the software, which helps us see how our product performs in real-world conditions. 

We move past Closed Beta when we’re sure that the software meets a high standard of usability and reliability, based on feedback and specific testing criteria.

Open Beta

Depending on the complexity of the product, it may not go through Closed beta testing and instead go to the Open Beta phase. In this phase, the software is available to all our clients to test. This allows everyone to try it out and give us feedback with minimal risk of disrupting their daily activities. The Open Beta allows us to make last-minute tweaks based on a broad range of user experiences.

This thorough testing ensures that by the time a product is fully released, it not only works well but is also tailored to meet the needs and expectations of our users.

General Availability

General Availability indicates that our software is fully developed and ready for clients. Enhancements go through comprehensive Alpha and Beta testing if they are more complex and have a significant impact on your workflows. For smaller changes Benevity performs rigorous internal testing before general availability. 

We continue to welcome all feedback on our products beyond testing! 

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