Joining or leaving a group

You can join, or apply to join, as many groups as you’d like!

To join a group:

  1. Select All Groups from the top navigation bar and explore the groups in your community.
  2. If you find a group you are interested in, select the group name to open the group’s homepage.
  3. Select the About this group tab to read more about the group.
  • For public groups:
    • Select Join, and you’re in!
  • For private groups:
    • Select Apply to Group. A group Leader will review your application.
    • If you are approved, you will be able to access all group content and get involved!

You can remove yourself as a member from any group, at any time. To leave a group:   

  1. Go to the group homepage.
  2. Select the About this group tab.
  3. Select the Group actions dropdown.
  4. Select Leave group.
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