Getting started as a program administrator


Benevity Affinity Groups is the “one-stop shop” to manage employee-led groups, including employee resource groups, business resource groups, affinity groups, interest groups, and others. 

As a program administrator, you have the opportunity to create a space that is welcoming and engaging for members to participate in. You are the ‘owner’ of the entire community space and oversee the frequency and variety of community-wide content, as well as support group leaders when necessary.

You have access to the admin space for group management, product configuration, moderation, and reporting capabilities. Program administrators can develop content to collect both qualitative and quantitative data, promote company-wide initiatives, and engage with members.

Get started with the basics of your Affinity Groups platform and beyond with the help of our guide attached here. 

Key areas of the guide: 

  1. Getting started with Benevity Affinity Groups.
  2. Getting started as a program administrator.
  3. Getting started as a group leader.
  4. Managing community members.
  5. Moderating your community.
  6. Reporting.

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