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Before you start

  • You must be assigned the Fundraising Manager role to create a Friendraising opportunity.
  • Users can only donate to a Friendraiser when the cause is in the same country as they are. Cross-border donations do not currently work for Friendraising opportunities.

Getting started


  1. Log in to your program.
  2. Hover your cursor over the Make a Donation tab on the main dashboard and select Create a Giving Opportunity.
  3. Select Friendraising Opportunity from the options to access the creation form.
  4. Go through each section of the opportunity. Follow the detailed steps below for assistance.

1. Basic Info


The first step is to fill out the Basic Info section. This is where you include your Opportunity Name, Summary, and Description. In other words, it's where you outline the basic goals and purpose of your Friendraising Opportunity.

By checking the Enable Rich Text box, you can change the way your written content appears with some light formatting and the option to add hyperlinks or videos to make the page more interesting and engaging. 


2. Donation Progress


The Donation Goal and Donation Deadline sections specify how much you want to raise (and by when) and will display in a thermometer-like bar to once your people start to make donations through the Opportunity.

Adding a Donation Deadline is required although mainly informational. If your opportunity remains published after the deadline, your users are still able to make donations until the opportunity is removed from their view.


3. Attach Causes


Selecting a country in the Filter country/location dropdown menu will dictate where and in what currency you’d like to create this opportunity.

Note: Friendraising opportunities are created in a single country and currency. Users can only donate to a Friendraiser when the cause is in the same country as they are. Cross-border donations do not currently work for Friendraising opportunities.

You can attach a cause to the event by using keywords in the search bar and then clicking the Add button when you've found the cause you're looking for.

You can add as many causes as you like, and each donation will be split evenly among them.


4. Add Image


A fun or exciting picture can help draw more attention to your Opportunity, so be thoughtful and creative when considering images.

Friendraising Opportunity Image will be visible in the top right corner of the event and will be the thumbnail people see when browsing Opportunities.

The Community Impact Portal image will only be visible on the CI Portal once you have chosen to feature this Friendraising Opportunity on the Landing Page or Donation Page grids on the CI Portal. 

Make sure you consider the requirements for file and image size as well as allowable extensions before uploading an image. The maximum file size is 200 MB and the image must be between 300x225 pixels and 5000x5000 pixels. The allowed extensions are png, gif, jpg, jpeg. 


5. Sharing


In the Sharing section, you can include links to social websites for donors to reference if they're looking for more information.


6. Interests


Since users can search and filter Opportunities based on the interests they've selected in their profile, you may decide to indicate which interests align with this Opportunity. Simply click the +See all interest tags link and select all that apply.


7. Visibility


Determine if this Opportunity will be available by invite only or visible to everyone based on the classifications selected above.

Selecting By Invitation will limit visibility to those who have been provided with the website URL.


8. Friendraising


If you would like all donor dollars to count towards your users’ individual Friendraising Pages rather than to the opportunity as a whole, check the Disable Donations to Friendraising Opportunity checkbox.


9. Matching


You'll most likely want the default matching applied to your Opportunity. If you would like to change the way that matching is configured for an Opportunity, follow the steps on how to set an Increased Match Rate through Giving Opportunities.


10. Date and Time


The Date and Time section allows you to set the start and end date for this opportunity. If you are setting a future date for the opportunity, any approved but unpublished Opportunities will automatically publish on the date and time specified.

If there is no end date set, the Friendraising Opportunity will remain open until it is manually closed


11. Admin Options 


Finally, The Admin Options section is for program administrators only, and is where more specific details about the Opportunity are configured.

Source indicates if the Opportunity has been created by the company or a user.

Approval Status indicates if the request has been approved, denied or queued for administrator review.

Check the Publish box once you're ready for the Giving Opportunity to be visible by donors in your program.

Want to add this Opportunity to the Featured Giving Opportunities page under the Make a Donation tab? Select the country or countries you want to target with this Opportunity, noting that only users on the same currency experience as your selected causes will be able to make donations to the Opportunity. You can select more than one country to feature by holding the "Command" or "Control" key as you click each country or using the Select All button.

Your extended community (friends and family outside of the organization) can also access this opportunity via the Community Impact Portal if you check the associated box.

You can also link a Giving Opportunity to an Associated Volunteer Opportunity you've created for cross-promotion within your program. Simply enter keywords into the search bar and then select the Opportunity that appears.


And lastly, targeting specific demographic groups using Custom Classifications. These available options will be set up for you during implementation and if selected here, any user associated with any of the fields selected will see this content by default. You can select more than one by holding the "Command" or "Control" key as you click each selection.


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