Adding and completing cash payments

You can add and edit cash payments in the Payment tab of a grant request. Depending on whether you have enabled Benevity Grants disbursements, you can process a payment using our platform or your own accounts payable.

Payment currencies

If your program uses multiple currencies, select a currency before creating the payments. You can only have one currency per grant request. After you approve the request, the applicant will see the payment amounts in the currency they are receiving.

If you are receiving a benefit for a payment and want to send it through Benevity, the payment will be sent by a designated disbursement partner. Our partner does not support Israeli Shekel, Polish zloty and South African Rand payments. 

Adding cash payments

Typically, a single payment is created for each proposal. You might create multiple payments if they have different due dates, as may be the case in a multi-year granting agreement.

Grant Benefits

A benefit is a gift worth more than a few dollars, such as event tickets, meals, clothing, or marketing opportunities, received in exchange for a grant. You can declare if you are receiving a benefit in the Grant Benefits section of the payment form.

If you choose No, I declare that I am not receiving a benefit, the platform will determine if the payment is tax-eligible and direct it to the correct foundation partner. E.g. If a grant is made in USD to a US cause and you choose 'No, I have not received a benefit', the funds are routed through AOGF. If the grant is to an Australian cause, the funds are routed through UKOGF.

If you select Yes, I am receiving a benefit, it is routed through Global Online Giving Organization, Inc (GOGO). If you are unable to select this option, contact your Client Success Manager to enable GOGO.

To add a cash payment: 

  1. Open a request.
  2. Go to Payment > Cash.
  3. Select Add payment.
  4. Choose a Payment method. If you have enabled Benevity as a payment method, you can select this method or send it via your internal Accounts payable.

Benevity Grants 

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Payment Details:

  • Payment status: Select a payment status.
    • You cannot select Paid status if disbursing via Benevity Grants. The status is automatically updated as part of the disbursement process. 
  • Payment amount.
  • Budget: Select a budget the payment will draw down from.
  • Grant benefits: Declare if there are benefits associated with this grant. 

  • Date added: date payment added. 
  • Internal notes: administrator notes for internal use only. 
  • Payment tracking: choose if you want to add tracking information to a Paid payment. If enabled, you can access detailed disbursement statuses that accurately capture where the funds are at in the process and whether a cause has received payment.

Accounts Payable

Payment Details:

In addition to the fields mentioned above, you'll see: 

  • Vendor number: This field is displayed if your payment method is Accounts payable and you have chosen to include this data in your program.
    • If you edit the number, it will automatically update across all requests made by that cause in Benevity Grants. Not all users will have access to edit the number.
  • Tax eligibility: Declare if the payment is tax-eligible.

Grant Benefits cannot be identified for payments through Accounts Payable.

Cash payments with request details

To create a payment that automatically includes the applicant’s requested cash amount: 

  1. Open a request.
  2. Go to Payment > Cash.
  3. Select Add payment from request and confirm. 
  4. Complete the other payment form details. 
  5. Select Save.

Duplicate an existing payment 

To duplicate an existing payment:

  1. Open a request and go to Payment.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the payment you want to duplicate.
  3. Select the Actions dropdown menu > Duplicate.
    • When you duplicate this payment, all fields will copy over except Payment status, Date added, and Payment tracking.
  4. Update fields in the duplicate payment.
  5. Once you’ve updated all the necessary fields, select Save.

Completing cash payments with Benevity disbursements

A request must be approved to complete a payment. You can check if an organization is disbursable by going to the Cause tab and looking for the Disburseable label and green checkmark.


To complete a payment:

  1. Open an approved request.
  2. Go to Payment > Cash.
  3. Open the payment you want to complete. 
  4. Change the Payment status to Processing and update the required fields.
  5. Select Save. The payment status will update to Processing. Changes cannot be made to payments in this status without Benevity processing a reversal for a fee. 
  6. The payment status is automatically updated to Paid once it is complete. Learn more about payment disbursement statuses

When will the cause receive the funds?

The cause will receive funds in the month after your payment—usually near the end of the month. For example, if you finalize the payment in September, the cause will receive the money near the end of October.

Completing cash payments with your accounts payable

A request must be approved to complete a payment. To complete a payment with your accounts payable:

  1. Open an approved request.
  2. Go to Payment > Cash.
  3. Open the payment you want to complete. 
  4. Change the Payment status to Processing or Paid and update the required fields.
  5. Review the details and select Save

Once your accounts payable team has made the payment, you may need to reopen the payment and update payment tracking information. 

Completing multiple cash payments at the same time

You can update multiple payment statuses at the same time. 

  1. Open a request and go to Payment.
  2. Select the checkbox next to multiple payments. 
  3. Select Actions > Change status.  
  4. Select the appropriate payment status. 
  5. Select Change status to complete the change.
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