Updating payroll schedules

Updating payroll schedules is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of payroll deductions for charitable donations. As administrators, you play a vital role in ensuring that payroll deductions are synchronized with your payroll system to support your organization's giving initiatives effectively.

Follow these detailed steps if you need to update your payroll schedules. Ideally, this is done a few months before the end of the calendar year.

Step 1: Download the payroll schedule template

Begin by downloading the Payroll Schedule Template. It's important to use a separate template for each payroll schedule your organization has, such as bi-weekly or monthly schedules. This ensures clarity and organization in managing multiple schedules.

Step 2: Fill out the template

Complete the Payroll Schedule Template with the following critical dates and details for each payroll period:


  • Payroll Schedule Name: Include the name for each schedule, such as 'Company_USA Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule_2023'.
  • Spark Period End Date: This date should be set to the day before your payroll team needs to receive the payroll deduction file from Benevity, ensuring they have sufficient time to process this data.
  • Client Pay Date: Indicate the actual date employees will receive their paychecks for this schedule.
  • Client Pay Start and End Dates: These dates mark the start and end of the pay period from your organization’s perspective. Although these dates do not impact Spark directly, they are crucial for your internal payroll processing and are typically included in the payroll deduction file.

Step 3: Verify date formatting and data accuracy

After filling out the template, double-check that all dates are correctly formatted (YYYY-MM-DD) and align with your organization's payroll calendar. Accuracy here prevents processing delays and ensures that employee contributions are deducted correctly.

Step 4: Submit the completed schedules

Once verified, save each completed template with the name of the schedule, e.g., 'Company_USA Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule 2023'. Submit these templates to the support team who will handle the upload to your site and confirm once active.


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