Posting and submitting activity responses

Activities are created by your program administrators and appear in My Feed; they can be public or private. Private activities are indicated by a lock icon, and responses are only visible to program administrators. Public activities are often posted to encourage conversations and connections, and responses are visible to everyone.

Polls, quick questions, and quizzesSubmissions to all polls, quick questions and quizzes are not visible to other community members.

DiscussionsRegardless of whether a group is public or private, discussion posts made by members are only visible to other members of the group.

CommentsIf you comment on a blog post or member submission that is visible to the entire community, your comment will also be visible to everyone. If you have private profile visibility in a group, your name will appear with any comments or discussion posts you make.


Note that non-group members cannot create a post in either a public or private group.

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