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Whether you want to support extra matching, top up your people’s donations, give to team events, or simply support causes in and around your community, you can do it right from your Admin dashboard. These payments are then aggregated and disbursed with all the other donations and matches already being sent to charities and nonprofits, so there’s no extra work for them.

To make a corporate donation, you first need to have the Awards Manager role assigned to you.

1. Open the Manage page

From the manage side of Spark, select Corporate Donations from the menu under the Company Giving tab. This will open a form covering all the information needed when making a lump sum donation from the company directly to a charity.  

2. Select the Cause

Enter the cause name and country in the Donate To field. Make sure that the correct country is selected from the menu before searching for the cause you want.   

3. Donation Amount and Currency 

Enter the total amount of the donation and the currency for the donation in the Donation Amount and Currency section.  

  • If the cause is located outside of your enabled country experiences, you can choose the currency you want to pay in.
  • If the cause is located in a country where you have enabled a country experience, the payment is made in the local currency of that country. 

4. Charity Comment 

If you like, you can include your name and any notes you want to pass along to the charity in the Charity Comment section.   

The charity has access to these comments in their Donor Summary reports, which are generated with each disbursement. It's a good place to capture details like why the company is supporting this cause or how the cause supports the company’s initiatives. 

A simple "Thank You" for their efforts is always a nice touch, as well. 

5. Additional Options 

Lastly, the Options section is where you can include specific user or team information, and mention existing Giving or Volunteer Opportunities that might be associated with the donation.  

This information is not shared with any individual or team, or the charity. Also, it has no effect on the Giving or Volunteer Opportunities. These tags are used to report on corporate donations in the Benevity Reporting Tool.  

6. Confirm Donation 

Once you've reviewed all the above information, click Next - Confirm Donation.   

7. Submit Donation 

The confirmation page will summarize the donation and give you a final chance to make any changes. If you're satisfied with the summary, select Submit Donation.

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