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I have been asked to look into risk management in regards to volunteering from both the non-profits end as well as our business. 

Does anyone have any ideas, guidelines or insight into how your company looks as risk when employees are volunteering? 

Ex: If an employee volunteers during a company organized volunteer event, or even just a promoted event. Who manages risk?  Curious if anyone has had that conversation with their Risk Management dept?



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    Great question! How's the research going? 

    I did a little digging on the Benevity side, by reaching out to our security and legal teams. It is dependent on a few factors and, of course, the location of the volunteer opportunity would definitely need to be considered... as different jurisdictions may have different responsibilities. 

    It would be best to consult with your legal department, as some of these situations could be covered under your organizations' insurance, and it's a bit difficult for us to provide too many details without having the full context. If you are interested in connecting with our security team, let me know and I can put you in touch! 


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