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Vote Early Day helps all eligible voters learn about their early voting options and celebrate the act of voting early. When Americans vote early, they ensure that last minute problems – from long lines and safety concerns to a bad commute – won't keep them from casting their ballot. But voting early rules, both for in-person and by-mail options, vary widely all over the country – that's where we come in. We're a coalition of over 1000+ partners (including Twitter, Snapchat, Univision, and MTV) on a mission to make sure the 200+ million eligible voters across the country understand their options to vote early on or before Saturday, October 24th and make voting early easier than ever before, but we need your help to do it!

Learn how to get involved and celebrate Vote Early Day!

And, please reach out to Max Zorick ( from the MTV team to help answer any questions or discuss further. 



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  • Hi Adam Robinson and team! 

    Thank you so much for sharing this with the community! With 67% of people saying they believe that COVID-19 will disrupt their ability to vote, initiatives like these are so important. We share your passion and belief that companies can play an important role in helping their people take civic action in ways that are inclusive and engaging, without being partisan. 

    We will be sharing this on our social media platforms and encourage the community to do the same (see page 22 of the Vote Early Day Toolkit for social copy suggestions).  Please do update us here as things evolve and get closer to Saturday, Oct 24th - we'll be sure to share and amplify any way that we can! 


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