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Hello - We are about to go live with Spark and the Workday integration.  Ideally - we want to take advantage of the payroll deduction option for the first time.  Although the Benevity donation page has some consent language (second window with consent language and submit donation button) we are not sure it is sufficient.  How have you addressed this concern particularly with California Labor Code?  If you added any explicit opt-in for payroll deductions:  do you do this annually or with each donation?  Can you share the consent language you are using?  Would you willing to discuss further on the phone?  Thank you - Steve Cherry and the team at CSAA Insurance.



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  • Hi Steven Cherry

    That's exciting - welcome to the Benevity Community! Payroll is by far the easiest way for your people to donate to their favourite charities through your workplace giving program... and making it easy for your people always means increased engagement.

    As far as your consent question goes, you may get a few tidbits from the client community here, but I've linked up with our legal team at Benevity to inquire about your question. Your project team, and Ryan Allinson, will be connecting you soon (if they haven't already). 

    Good luck with the launch! 


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