How the Benevity Client Community Has Responded to the COVID-19 pandemic!

I hope this finds you safe and healthy!

As we enter the third week of intensified activity in our world, I wanted to share what we at Benevity have witnessed in terms of the overwhelming response from the Benevity client community.  For everything we are hearing in the news, I feel privileged to see your generosity in this crisis.

Over the last two weeks, nearly 100 clients have responded to this crisis and every day we are seeing more clients setting up special programs.  Here is a snapshot of what our Benevity client community is doing to support their people and their communities:

  • 58% of our client responders are doing a special or increased matching incentive
  • 26% are running a giving focused campaign
  • 20% are responding through a corporate donation or by making changes/ adjustments to their grants program
  • 5% are running a volunteering specific response virtually or remotely
  • 4% have activated Missions

It’s amazing to see the flexibility and impact we can have when we all work quickly and together. Thank you for doing what you do and we look forward to supporting you.

If you can, we would love to share more about how your organization has made changes in response to COVID-19.  Please leave a comment in the thread below.



  • As another week has passed, we have seen an additional 31 Benevity clients initiate COVID-19 related responses.  As an update, we are continuing to see special and incentivized matching campaigns continue to be the most used response, representing 58% of all programs. Interestingly, we have also seen clients lean more into volunteering and Missions related responses. 

    As we heard in the April 2 webinar, How Purpose-Driven Companies Are Responding to COVID-19, clients are taking some very creative approaches to their remote volunteering.  Inspiring examples such as Liberty Mutual’s Torchbearer’s Calling campaign to reach out to seniors in their communities and other examples such as teaching teachers how to use technology to run their classes were shared. 

    If you are interested in learning more on shifting your volunteering approach,  please join us on Thursday, April 9th for our webinar - Reimagining Volunteering: Creative Ways to Do Good in a Time of Crisis

    Again, thank you for doing what you do and we look forward to supporting you! 


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  • I was so pleased to see that Dana Anderson's program at Polaris figured out to help a local community where one of their plant locations were.  They donated, HotSpots, Chrome Books, and Ipads to kids in need so they could continue their school year with e-learning.  I love how they responded quickly, was able to get really specific with their gift, and help a local community.  Yeahhhhh for Polaris.   Dana, I would be curious how this program idea came up and if you had to change any of your usual policies in order to meet this need quickly.



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  • Hi All! 

    I wanted to share the new Benevity Labs Special Report here! 

    We examined our platform data to identify the number of companies and individuals taking action, the ways in which they are acting and the related trends that are emerging. In addition, we pulled together examples of how specific companies in the Benevity client community are responding.  

    You can find the full report here:


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