Seeding rewards to all users

Rewards are company funds added to a user's Giving Account that can be donated to an eligible cause in Spark. Rewards have an expiry date and will not appear on your Donation Report until they have been donated.

When to use rewards seeding

  • Launch (or re-launch) your program with a bang by seeding all employees’ Giving Accounts with rewards.
  • Kickstart campaign participation with donation currency.
  • Celebrate a company milestone or reward employees.

Benefits of rewards seeding

  • Benevity clients that use seeding experience up to 167% increase in participation.
  • Seeding encourages first time users to log in and get more familiar with the program.
  • Seeding enables users to do good with little effort.

How seeding rewards works

There is a 4-step process for how seeding rewards to all users works:

  1. You'll gather all the information required (listed in the next section) and submit a request to the Client Technical Support (CTS) team. Consider the following details:
    • Timeline: Rewards Seeding requests require a minimum of 5 business days to be processed.
    • Currency: Users are seeded in the currency of their localized experience. You will need to provide seedling amounts for each currency you have enabled in Spark.
    • Budget: For a bulk seeding import to be completed, you must have room in your annual company budget. Once the bulk import is processed, your budget will be drawn down by the full seeding amount. When the rewards expire, any unused rewards will be credited back to your budget. You can use the Budget Usage stock report to confirm that you have enough room in your budgets.
  2. The CTS team will generate a list of all active users in Spark to be seeded.
    • If you require some user groups to be omitted from this list (and not seeded) you will need to budget an additional 3-5 business days for additional reporting.
  3. The CTS team will build a bulk import to seed all users with the amount indicated and request approval.
    • A change signatory approval is required before the import can be completed.
  4. The import will happen on the desired date and users will receive rewards in their Giving Account.
    • An automatic email can be sent to notify users of the new rewards, but it cannot be customized. If you would like a specific email to be sent, we recommend you send an email internally.
    • The automated email content reads as follows:

      Hi (name),

      You have Rewards (or Donation Currency)! $(amount) has been transferred into your Giving Account. Now you can Do More Good! 

      Log in to (site’s name) and use your Rewards (or Donation Currency) to give to charities you care about. 

      The next time you decide to make a donation to your favourite cause, your Rewards will be available to pay for your gift, along with the usual options. Remember, you can make a donation at any time – together we can make a huge difference! 

      (If an expiry date has been set) Please note: These Rewards will expire on (expiry date). Be sure to log in and make a donation before then!

How to submit a seeding request for all users

Submit a request to Benevity's Client Technical Support team by sending an email to with the following information. We suggest that you simply copy and paste this list and fill it according to your needs. The italicized text only serves as an example.

  • Date of seeding: Specific date within business hours
  • Amount seeded per user (specify currency)$10 USD, $15 CAD
  • Should all active users be seeded?:Yes or No (please specify if any user groups should be omitted) 
  • Type of seedingRewards or funds
  • Expiry dateSpecific date 
  • Should the rewards be drawn down from users' individual budgetYes or No 
  • Seeding identifier (not visible to users)GivingTuesday 2022 Seeding 
  • Internal reporting tags (not visible to users):GivingTuesday 2022 Seeding 
  • Would you like to notify users by email when their accounts have been seededYes or No.
    Reminder: The email notification cannot be customized. If you would like a specific email to be sent, we recommend choosing “no” and for you to send an email internally.

A few more considerations

Cause eligibility

Rewards are never eligible for matching and can be restricted so that they can only be redeemed to match eligible causes. If you are unsure of your current configuration, please submit a request for a summary of cause eligibility.

Funds seeding

We do not recommend seeding funds to a user's My Funds Account. Funds are match eligible, cannot be set to expire, and cannot be donated to causes outside of a user’s own country. Funds will also draw down at the time of seeding, but unlike rewards, the full amount will appear on your next Donation Report

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