Giving Season 2022 Resources

September to December is known as Giving Season and it’s the time when people give the most. During uncertain economic times, the pressure to pull back in specific areas of your business is real. But Goodness matters — now, more than ever. And you and your people can start small … with One Good Thing. If each of us takes just one action, we can collectively create massive, exponential impact. Encourage your people to join in by making a donation, volunteering for an hour or doing a good deed. Learn why it’s important to stand behind your CSR program, especially now: Read 5 Tips for a Thriving CSR Program During Uncertain Economic Times.  


Ready to engage your people in Goodness?   

Check out our ready-to-use assets and eLearning training below. Use these resources to stand up a Giving Season campaign effortlessly and get your people inspired and excited to do good in the ways that work for them this Giving Season. 

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Check out these additional resources & best practices to help you make a huge impact!  

  • Communications Calendar. Stay on top of important dates and key tasks for your One Good Thing campaign, or other Giving Season campaign(s).   


  • NEW! One Good Thing Mission. Want to make it even easier for employees to discover and do One Good Thing? Promote micro-actions through Missions! Check out a whole new Mission that features lots of ideas for doing One Good Thing!  


  • The Big Book of Goodness. Updated for 2022, this ultimate catalog includes tons of ideas to encourage your people to do good.


  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Your ERGs and program ambassadors are the gatekeepers to the issues and causes your people are most passionate about. Bring them in to advise on, contribute to and champion your campaign.  We’ve created an Ambassador Guide with tools to help them turn One Good Thing into many!  Note: Benevity Affinity Groups is ERG software that will empower your people to live their purpose at work and make more impact in the world — all year long!  


  • Incentives for Giving. Seeding employee Giving Accounts, offering volunteer rewards and launching special matching campaigns are all powerful ways to increase participation and engagement. Use incentives like these to help bridge the gap for your people when times are tough. Learn more about Seeding and Matching best practices.  


  • First-Time User Login Activation Kit. Learn how to reach people who have never logged in to your program and get them engaged in Goodness for even more impact!  


Make sure to follow this page and check back regularly as we release more content in the coming weeks to help you spread Goodness, One Good Thing at a time. 


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