June 2022: Monthly Recap

Here is a list of what’s new, what’s been updated and what’s being discussed on the B-Hive during the month of June 2022. Check out what’s happening in: 

Content and Campaign Resources

Issues, Awareness and Key Dates

Pride 2022

  • We published a new article for Pride that includes a thoughtful reminder of what Pride means and the vast importance of it today, as well as resources such as giving opportunities, images for Spark, and recommended cause lists. 

Juneteenth 2022

  • This article consists of content for Juneteenth, which deliberately focuses on the celebration of Black culture and Black achievements. Resources in the article include giving opportunities in support of causes that are preserving, protecting and celebrating Black culture in America, images for Spark and recommended cause lists.

Disaster and Crisis Response

Afghanistan Earthquake

  • We uploaded an article regarding the recent earthquake in Afghanistan, and included content and resources to get involved. These consist of giving opportunities and news items, cause recommendation lists for US, CAN, UK, AUS, and images for Spark. 

Famine Relief and Food Insecurity

  • This article examines famine and food insecurity across the globe, and discusses the ways in which climate and economic circumstances may be worsening this crisis. The article includes resources such as giving opportunities and news items, cause recommendation lists, and images for Spark. 



  • We uploaded a new challenge for missions, Embrace Accessibility For All, which focuses on creating a more accessible work environment for people with disabilities, and the small things you can do to help. The article includes the Missions outline, and a brief overview of why this is critical for DEI. 
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