Automated User Foundation Moves 

Note: This feature is currently in beta and is not enabled for all clients. If you would like to enable this feature, please contact your CSM.

When an employee moves to a new country while working for the same company, Benevity will automatically move these users between foundation countries on your platform. Users will retain the same account, and their currency and foundation will be automatically updated when the demographic file is run, or when authorized via Benevity's Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system. When this occurs, the user will:

  • Receive an email notification of the change
  • Be able to view and donate in their new currency
  • Have their donations automatically rerouted to the new foundation
  • See an updated matching budget amount, which will be automatically adjusted for their new currency

Please note, users will not automatically be moved if they have:

  • Upcoming or recurring donations
  • Match requests or time submissions awaiting approval
  • Currency in their My Funds account
  • Amounts in their My Rewards or PAC Match accounts

These users will be eligible for automatic foundation moves in the future.

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Will the demographic file fail if the user could not be moved due to pending transactions or funds?

The foundation move will fail, but the rest of the demographic file load will continue.

How often do foundation moves occur?

Foundation moves occur whenever the user file runs.

What happens when an attempted foundation move fails?

When a foundation move fails, an error row will indicate a move was detected, but failed.

What happens to the user's donation history?

They will be temporarily unable to access it. Their history is not lost, only hidden, and will become available to them in the future, when we add support for multiple currencies on the donation history page.

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