Spark Report: Donation Reports (DR)

With Spark’s Donation Report (DR), you can view a history of DRs and payment status. 

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How to use this report

Use this report to ensure that all DRs are paid on time and donations are disbursed quickly and accurately. 

The Donation Report enables you to:

  • View and download all past DRs 

  • Confirm the receipt of a DR payment

  • Identify unpaid, partially paid, and temporarily funded DRs 
  • View transaction reports for each line of a DR

Accessing the report

Users with the Reports Manager role in Spark can access this report. Simply sign into Spark and navigate to Manage > Reports > Donation Reports (DR).

When data is updated

DR Payment status is updated by Benevity’s Finance team every 1-2 days.

Report views and filters

Donation Report view and filters

  • Foundation: View DRs payable to a selected foundation.

  • Status: Paid, Unpaid, Partial, and Temporarily Funded.

  • Start date, end date: Filter by date of Donation Report (DRs are typically issued the first of each month)


Donation Report (DR) summary view



Exporting the data

Once you have selected and applied filters, click Export to view your data in PDF, XLSX, or CSV for further visualization.


Glossary terms

  • Foundation: All Donation Reports are payable to one of Benevity's Foundation Partners. These foundations disburse funds on behalf of you and your people via the Benevity platform.
  • Payment Status:
    • Paid: full payment has been received by the foundation, donations have been, or will be disbursed. 
    • Unpaid: no payment has been received by the foundation, donations have been withheld from disbursement. 
    • Partial: a partial payment has been received, but there is still an amount due to the foundation. Donations have been withheld from disbursement.
    • Temporarily funded: the foundation has temporarily funded the amount due to prevent donations from being withheld from disbursement. Payment is required to the foundation as soon as possible.
  • Donation Report terms: Reading your Donation Report (PDF)

Additional information

  • Why is there a negative DR amount? If there is a negative DR amount, this represents a credit back to you. Most commonly, this is the result of a reversal.
  • Can I modify or split a DR? Yes, contact your Benevity Client Success Manager to learn more. There is a fee for this service. You may want your DRs split by transaction type (e.g. payroll, PayPal, credit card) or by demographic file information (e.g. business unit, geographical region DR).
  • If I do split my DRs, how does that impact the payment status shown? If you split your DRs, the overall payment status you see in Spark and Benevity Reporting will only show as “Paid” when ALL of the individual DRs are paid.
  • I prepay my Donation Report with a float fund, when will the status change to “Paid”? The status will be updated to "Paid" around the fifth business day of the month, once confirmed that the float fund covers the DR amount.

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