Company impact report settings

To enable and customize the company impact report, sign in to your program and go to Manage > Site Settings > Company Impact. When enabled, all users can access the report directly from their dashboard.

Data grouping

The company impact report can be customized to group data. As a program administrator, you can choose how this data is grouped. Some examples of data groups are teams, locations, departments, or time frames. Adding sub-levels to groups enables users to view impact at different levels of the organization. For example, a user could view impact on an international, national, regional, or municipal level by clicking on each sub-level breadcrumb.

To add a new data group:

  1. Select Add Group.
  2. In the Group name field, enter a custom name to be visible to report users. Select the type of group from the drop-down menu labeled Level 1.

To add a level to a data group:

  1. Select Add level.
  2. Select the type of data to be displayed from the drop-down menu at each level.

Data groups will appear in the user drop-down menu in the order they appear on the Settings page. You can preview the report before publishing by selecting Preview.

To publish the report, select Update Settings.

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