What is the company impact report?

The company impact report shows your company’s participation rates, dollars donated, hours volunteered, and Missions activities completed. You can view overall impact, or how individual teams are making a difference. For users to view the report, a program administrator must enable it within the admin settings.

To view the report, go to My Dashboard and select the Company Impact button, located below your profile name and photo.

Depending on your program, you can view your company’s impact in four areas:

  • Overall: Participation rates across entire program. Including donations, volunteer hours, and Missions activities completed.
  • Volunteering: Volunteer participation rates, number of volunteers, total volunteer hours and volunteer opportunities.
  • Giving: Donation participation rates, number of donors, total donation amount and number of causes supported.
  • Missions: Missions participation rates, number of participants, and total activities completed. Learn more about the Missions feature

Terms used in the report:

  • Active user: Any user that currently has access to Spark.
  • Eligible user: Any user that had access to Spark during the selected timeframe.
  • Participation rate: Active users, displayed as a percentage of eligible users.
  • Missions: Missions are big change initiatives everyone can participate in by completing small activities. Like sustainability or food security.
  • Causes Supported: The total number of nonprofits that received donations. This is displayed on the Giving participation view for programs that include giving.
  • Opportunities: The total number of volunteer opportunities completed. This is displayed on the Volunteering participation view for programs that include volunteering.
  • Activities: In Missions, an activity is a small action that drives big change. Like Meatless Mondays or bike to work challenges.

Learn how to enable and customize your Company impact report settings.

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