Payment disbursement statuses

In Benevity Grants, we strive to create accurate payment statuses so that you know where your funds are at in the disbursement process, and when those funds have been sent and received to the grant recipient.

There are three main statuses for every Benevity Grants payment:

  • Unprocessed
  • Processing
  • Paid

These three payment statuses show in the Payment lines table, located in the Payments tab.


There are also additional statuses for disbursement tracking, which you can think of as sub-statuses to the three main ones listed above. For consistency, these statuses are the same as the ones used in Spark, Benevity's employee engagement software. You can think of the difference being if the transaction was a donation or a grant payment.

  • Initiated: The payment has been processed for the current payment cycle and will be allocated to a payable/disbursement.
    • Initiated - Under Threshold: Payment has been initiated. Before processing, all qualified payments are checked to ensure they meet the minimum threshold amount. If that amount has already been met, processing will start.
    • Initiated - Pending: The payment is active, but has not been sent to the nonprofit. It is waiting for the next payment cycle before it can be processed.
  • In Progress: The payment has been processed and a payable/disbursement has been generated, but has not yet been sent.
  • Paid/Completed: A payable/disbursement has been sent and a payment reference number is available. The time of its arrival at the nonprofit depends on the type of payment method. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) should arrive within two days, while check payments may take longer for mail delivery.
  • Cleared: The payment has cleared the nonprofit's account (i.e. check was cashed, EFT successful).
  • Inactive Charity: The charitable organization is not currently active. We were unable to send funds.
  • Adjusted: The payment has been reversed or adjusted by an administrator.

These sub-statuses show in the Disbursement tracker field, located in the Payment Tracking section of the individual payment line.


How disbursements move through different statuses:

  1. A disbursement automatically moves from Initiated to In Progress when payables are generated each month.
  2. A disbursement manually moves from In Progress to Paid/Completed by Benevity teams, when the funds have left the bank and are sent to the nonprofits.
  3. A disbursement moves from Paid/Completed to Cleared:
    • EFT and PayPal: The month after the disbursement is sent out to ensure no return comes back for the disbursement (manual task).
    • Checks: Daily as they are deposited by the nonprofits (manual task).
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