July 2022: Release Notes


Find out what’s changed and what’s coming soon across Benevity products this month.

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: Benevity Grants Roadmap Overview

  • On August 2, we’ll walk you through the specifics of our product roadmap, covering areas that we know are important to you including reporting capabilities and payment workflows. Find out how trends in stakeholder philanthropy are shaping the direction of our product, how we have prioritized a plan to address recent feedback received and get an early look at our plans for reporting

Community Investment 

Benevity Grants 
  • Update details for manual payments and in-kind donations marked as paid
    • For manual payments made via accounts payable and in-kind donations, we’ve added the ability to adjust payment details after those payments have been marked as paid. This gives more control and autonomy to finance users to adjust payment details after the fact.
  • More detailed disbursement statuses in Grants
    • Improvements have been made to the payment statuses in the Grants platform. This includes better representation of the disbursement process that the funds follow, as the new statuses now displayed align with the statuses in Spark. Grants users will be able to easily view where funds sit in the disbursement process and whether a cause has received payment yet.

Content and Campaign Resources

  • Reproductive Health 2022 (US)
    • Once again, reproductive health rights came under threat. In early May, it was reported that the US Supreme Court had drafted an opinion on the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. We have created a giving opportunity to support access to reproductive health choices. 
  • Pride 2022 (Int’l)
    • This year, many cities around the world will see the welcome return of Pride parades and festivals after the COVID pandemic led to cancellations. However, the backdrop for the return of parades is the discrimination that LGBTQ+ people continue to face and new attacks on the community. We can celebrate Pride by helping organizations who fight for equal rights, who demand an end to hate crimes and violence, and who provide assistance to those in need. 
  • Buffalo Shooting (US)
    • The city of Buffalo is reeling from a racially motivated shooting that has sent shockwaves around the country. On the afternoon of Saturday, May 14, a heavily armed gunman opened fire at a supermarket, killing ten and injuring three more. Most of the victims were Black. Many of the victims were elderly. We can support a community seeking to recover from this shocking event by helping organizations dedicated to serving the people and communities of Buffalo.
  • Uvalde Texas Shooting (US)
    • There has been yet another shocking and grim shooting in the United States, this time at an elementary school in the city of Uvalde, Texas. We are responding to this terrible event with two distinct giving opportunities. The first giving opportunity focuses on supporting the families of victims and survivors in Uvalde, while the second focuses on supporting orgs dedicated to ending gun violence. 
  • Juneteenth 2022 (US)
    • This June 19th, in cities across America, people will gather for celebrations, seminars, gatherings and meals. They will thoughtfully remember the past, carefully consider the present, and plan for a brighter future. We can join together to recognize the immeasurable contributions of Black Americans to American art, culture and innovation and so much more from which we all benefit. We have created a content campaign kit to mark this important date, and it is available right now. 
  • National Indigenous Peoples Day2022 (Canada)
    • In Canada, June is National Indigenous History Month and June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is a time for all Canadians to celebrate and champion the incredible culture of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.We all benefit from what it can teach us about ourselves and our world. 
  • Famine Relief and Food Insecurity (Int’l)
    • One in nine people go to bed hungry. Food insecurity is a massive and growing problem and the worst hit countries are those that were already struggling to feed their people. The content in this campaign kit is aimed at helping people in hard-hit areas around the world, including East Africa, Ukraine, Yemen and Haiti. We have identified many US-based causes that are responding, and they are broken out geographically. 

Finance & Foundations 

  • AuOGF Is Changing Banking Partners
    • Benevity’s foundation partner Australian Online Giving Foundation (AuOGF) is changing its banking provider to Citibank the week of August 15, 2022. This change will help us deliver funds to nonprofits even more efficiently. You will receive AuOGF’s new banking details around August 15. Please be aware that going forward, Benevity will not be accepting cheques for Donation Report payments.
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