Me 4 We Days Are Back! June 30 — July 6, 2022 

The past year has been challenging for everyone — from continuing to cope with an ongoing global pandemic to watching the crisis unfold in Ukraine. At Benevity, we continue to be inspired by our client community for helping those in need by stepping into their corporate purpose programs. And we’re proud of our people for bringing their passion to work each day to support you wholeheartedly.


These global events underscore the need for companies to invest in employee mental health and well-being more than ever before. Benevity is no exception. That’s why we’re bringing back Me 4 We days for a second year, giving every Benevity-ite four extra well-being days to support them in taking care of themselves.

For most Benevity-ites, Me 4 We days will take place from June 30 to July 6, 2022 (surrounding the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. on July 4 and the Canada Day holiday on July 1), with some variation among our support teams to minimize impact to your programs. 


Consistent support during Me 4 We days  

We know how important it is that we’re there when you need us, so our support teams will be staggering their days off to minimize impact to your program while ensuring they get the rest they need. We’ll have consistent coverage during this time.


Implementation will remain on track

Whether you’re new to the Benevity community and excited to get your program launched, or you’re a long-standing client implementing a new feature, rest assured we’ll work with you to rearrange any time-sensitive requirements so your launch remains on track. 

Let’s all get recharged and ready for Giving Season

One of our mantras at Benevity is “We Are We, Not Just Me” and we aim to solve for others as well as ourselves. In that spirit, Me 4 We days recognizes the importance of us taking care of ourselves, so we can take care of our world. 

It’s a chance to rest, recharge and refuel — and most importantly, ensure we’re all ready to bring our best to the busiest (and most impactful) time of year when many of you run annual campaigns.

We’re tremendously appreciative for the kindness and support you’ve shown to us, your people and your communities during this difficult year. Thank you for continuing to support us as our team gets ready for all the good that’s yet to come in 2022! We hope you’re also able to take “me time” this summer.


Please reach out to your Implementation Team with any questions

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