Introduce payroll giving into your program with new group implementation sessions

Payroll giving is the easiest way to get your employees engaged in your giving program and remove any barriers for participating. Our stats show that enabling payroll giving in your program increases employee participation by 69% and generates 66% higher average annual donation amounts. 

Interested in payroll giving for your program? 
With our new group implementation process, you'll be able to have payroll giving up and running in your site in a fraction of the time it usually takes. You'll join 2-3 other companies for the journey in sessions led by a dedicated Implementation Consultant, and have an opportunity to share insights and learn best practices. You'll get the same one-on-one support experience, while making connections along the way!

This sounds cool! What are the details? How does payroll giving really work? 
There are six main deliverables for a successful payroll implementation:

  1. Deduction file format: This is a file that is sent from Spark to your payroll system, which provides the employee information and the deduction amount, along with other details your payroll team may need.
  2. Success file format: This file is sent from your payroll system to Spark, confirming the amount that was deducted.
  3. Payroll set up: Your payroll team will need to set up a deduction code (a.k.a. “pay code”) in line with Spark’s requirements. This will ensure an error-free experience in processing the deductions.
  4. Deduction schedule details: For each payroll group, we require the period start date and period cut-off date for this year and the upcoming one.
  5. Demographic file details: There will need to be some minor alterations made to your demographic file to ensure that payroll can be enabled, and that all employees are allocated to the correct schedule/frequency of deductions. Whoever is responsible for the current demographic file (generally a member of your HR team) will need to be engaged in this process.
  6. Managed File Transfer (MFT): Our team will set up a file exchange process so the files can be securely exchanged between Benevity and your payroll systems, on a recurring basis. 

Awesome! So who needs to be involved in this?
To set up payroll giving, you'll need the program owner, demographic data team, and payroll teams involved in this process. 

Great! What are the timelines for setting this all up?
Good question! Here's a high-level schedule of the steps we'll need to take together:

  • Week 1: Discovery session with clients. At this stage, we'll need all the payroll documentation listed above in order to move forward with testing
  • Week 2: Payroll testing to ensure it all works well
  • Week 3: Payroll testing continues and confirmation of changes to demographic file
  • Week 4: Payroll testing sign-off and launch authorization stage. We'll also finalize your site's configuration
  • Week 5: Lift off! Payroll giving officially launched in your program.
  • Week 6: Post-launch monitoring for two pay periods to ensure everything is running smoothly!

We will also host office hour sessions to make sure your team stays on track.



I'm interested! What's next?
We're excited to support you in this implementation! If you are ready to start the process, please provide the Group Payroll Technical Guide to your payroll team, and complete the Group Payroll Intake Form
Please also reach out to your Client Success Manager and they can provide further direction on how to get involved with our next cohort. 
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