June 2022: Release Notes

Find out what’s changed and what’s coming soon across Benevity products this month.

Upcoming Events

What's Next at Benevity: A Product Roadmap Webinar 

  • At Benevity, we're continually enhancing and innovating our products and platforms to better power your workplace CSR program. Join us on June 29 for our What's Next at Benevity: A Product Roadmap webinar to hear from our product leadership team on the vision and strategy for our products that support - and inspire - taking action, along with a high-level overview of what's coming up next. Register here

Employee Engagement - Spark Mobile

Updated Android App Experience
  • We have brought the Android app navigation up to par with iOS and moved from 5 tabs that displayed web views of Spark, to 3 tabs (Home, Discover, More). Updated Android app experience is now live for all clientsImprovement to existing app. 

Community Investment - Benevity Grants

  • We’ve made improvements to our product to reach a WCAG AA 2.1 compliance score of over 95%, so that we create a truly inclusive solution where all users are able to participate with the same great experience.
Payment Workflow Improvements 
  • A number of improvements in the payments area have been made with efficiency in mind, specifically for manual payments being made via accounts payable and when making in-kind donations. This includes re-positioning of the vendor number field, re-labelling of fields to provide more detail, defaulting of field selections where applicable, and removal of unnecessary views to make it more efficient to complete your payment. 
Left-to-Right Language support in application forms
  • Improvements have been made to allow a wider set of languages to be configured in our application forms. A form can now be set up in any language that reads from left-to-right.
Cause Relationship Notes 
  • We’ve created the ability to add long-lasting notes on a cause that can be referred back to as a cause makes future requests. A new area of the cause tab where users are able to create notes that will remain tied to the cause, and will be conveniently located for review next time the cause applies.

Finance & Foundations

AOGF Is Changing Banking Partners

  • Benevity’s foundation partner American Online Giving Foundation (AOGF) is changing banking providers to Citibank the week of June 20, 2022. This change will help us deliver funds to nonprofits even more efficiently. You will receive AOGF’s new banking details around June 20. Please be aware that going forward, Benevity will not be accepting checks for Donation Report payments. More of Benevity’s foundation partners will be changing to Citibank this year, so stay tuned!

New Content & Campaigns Resources Available

  • In the United States, for example, Mental Health Month is in May, while Canada marks Mental Health Week from May 2-8. We have created an Issues & Awareness campaign kit that works at any time of year, and it is available now. The resources include, a giving opportunity and news item, cause recommendation lists and images sized for Spark.
  • The South African province of KwaZulu-Natal has been struck by deadly and destructive flooding. We have created a disaster relief campaign kit to help the people of KwaZulu-Natal.
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