Available reports in Spark

Below is a list of the reports currently available in Spark. Anyone with the Reports Manager role can access the reports. For definitions on the common terms and phrases, check out the report glossary.

To view the reports, sign in to your program and go to Manage > Reports.

Participation report

This report summarizes participation rate by timeframe and country. Use it to see how participation rate is changing over time and to provide quick program updates to others in your company.

Web analytics report

This report displays page view data from Google Analytics. Use it to see how many users are visiting the site and the pages they visit. This data can help to plan communications for high-usage times and view the effects of marketing communications.

Donation Reports (DR) 

This report displays a list of all your monthly Donation Reports and their payment. Use it to ensure invoices are paid on time, and to consult with your Accounts Payable team if they are overdue.

Donation Report FAQs:

  • How does the payment status relate to donation disbursements?
    If the status is “Paid”, donations will be disbursed to the recipient nonprofits. If the status is “Unpaid” or “Partial”, donations will not be disbursed until the full invoice is paid.
  • How often does a payment status update?
    Benevity finance teams manually update each report’s status every 1–2 days when payments are made. As soon as the updates are done, the changes appear immediately in both your Spark site and Benevity Reporting.
  • Why is there a negative DR amount?
    If there is a negative DR amount, this represents a credit back to you. Most commonly, this is the result of a reversal.
  • Can I modify or split a DR?
    Yes, contact your Benevity Client Success Manager to learn more. There is a fee for this service. You may want your DRs split by transaction type (e.g. payroll, PayPal, credit card) or by demographic file information (e.g. business unit, geographical region DR). 
  • If I do split my DRs, how does that impact the payment status shown?
    If you split your DRs, the overall payment status you see in Spark and Benevity Reporting will only show as “Paid” when ALL of the individual DRs are paid.
  • I prepay my Donation Report with a float fund, when will the the status change to “Paid”?
    The status will be updated to "Paid" around the 5th business day of the month, once confirmed that the float fund covers the DR amount.

Learn more: Reading your Donation Report PDF

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