May 2022: Release Notes

Find out what’s changed and what’s coming soon across Benevity products this month.


Spark Administration

  • A new embedded report is live now! Program admins with the 'reporting manager' role can now access their full Donation Reports (DR) list directly through Spark. This new report displays the DR totals and payment statuses, allowing admins to easily check if the monthly payments have been received on time.
  • The time zone experience has been made more seamless! Spark can now set a default time zone for users based on the location information contained in your demographic file. Users can navigate the platform with their accurate time zone displayed throughout, and easily sign up for volunteering shifts that align best with their schedule.
  • Push notifications for volunteering are now live on our iOS app. These timely reminders mean fewer missed volunteer hours and greater program engagement — especially for remote employees. Your people will get gentle nudges when:
  • Their volunteer rewards are about to expire
  • They should be tracking time (if automatic time tracking isn't enabled)
  • Their volunteer time is approved and they have rewards available

Scan and Go with QR codes

Community Investment 


Location Management

  • Clients who have programs where applications are related to a particular store location can now manage a list of stores and their locations. That list can be used in different ways: applicants may choose the store location closest to them, each store may have an allocated budget, show a map of locations, etc.

Benevity Grants

  • There are three updates for Benevity Grants which include:
    • Closed form messaging: Ability for administrators to customize the messaging that appears to applicants when the program is closed
    • Multi-event support: New application form capabilities are available to capture details from multiple events on a single application form
    • Funding History: We've made it easy for administrators to review a cause's funding history at a glance, as this is now displayed directly in the Cause tab within Grants


New Content & Campaigns Resources Available 

Ukraine Updates

  • The latest update includes revised cause recommendation lists, with the most notable addition being the WHO Foundation based in Switzerland along with some new giving opportunities & news items with updated images. You can find the update public resources here.  

Louisiana Tornado

  • On Tuesday, March 22, a tornado touched down in New Orleans with winds of more than 150 miles per hour that carved a path almost a mile wide. We created a disaster relief campaign kit in response. The resources include cause recommendations, giving opportunity & news item and iImages sized for Spark. Download the resources here

Cause Created Content

  • Through the Content Hub, we work with our Cause Partners to publish content that becomes available to Spark users, either via search or in Trending Now and Popular Causes. In March, we published content on behalf of these Cause Partners
    • ACLU: “Protect Trans Youth in Florida, Texas and Everywhere”
    • Tech Soup: “Support the Civil Society Strengthening Initiative


Benevity Reporting

  • We are consolidating of the following reports:
    1. Participation Rate (Consolidated overall monthly YoY, Trend over Time, and Annual by country into 1 report)
    2. Consolidated Donations, Volunteer Hours, and mission metrics by custom field and by year into 1 report
    3. Consolidated New Hires – accepted terms of Use and Time to Accept Terms of Use into 1 report
  • This decreases the number of reports in the portfolio, and consolidates data for specific reports into a single view rather than needing to open multiple reports. Stay tuned for more information to come.  

New Seeding Campaign Stock Report

  • New Stock Report that shows Seeding Campaign data. Provides insights to seeding campaign impact such as days until earliest donation, or days from beginning of campaign until when a user engaged in volunteering or missions (if applicable). Stay tuned for more information to come.



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