Setting default user time zones in Spark

The default time zone a user sees when logging in for the first time is set by the administrator in the demographic file. The time is displayed in volunteer opportunities, volunteer shifts, the start and end dates of giving opportunities, etc.

If the user changes their time zone in the profile Locale settings, Spark applies this new time zone every time they log in. The demographic file settings do not override profile locale settings.

Setting a user's default time zone

Spark can set a default time zone for users based on information contained in your demographic file.

  • If the demographic file lists a Search Location (Search City, Search Province, and Search Country), Spark uses it to set the user's time zone. 
    • If at least one field is populated, the system will use it to find the closest time zone. You can complete more fields to improve the accuracy of the time zone.
  • If the demographic file does not list a Search Location, but the user’s Contact Details include an address, Spark uses the contact address location to set the time zone.
  • If the demographic file does not list a Search Location or Contact Details, Spark uses the default time zone (set during your program implementation).


Why are users seeing Volunteer Opportunities in the wrong time zone?

Users may be seeing the wrong time zone for one of three reasons:

  1. The Search Location sent in the demographic file is incorrect
  2. The Search Location was not sent as part of the demographic file and the user is seeing the default site time zone (which is different from their own)
  3. The user manually updated their profile to the incorrect time zone

How can employees update their timezone?

Anyone can update their  time zone in their profile settings. To open your profile settings, select your profile avatar in the top-right corner and select Settings. At the bottom of the page, you'll find Locale Settings. Select a Default Time Zone based on where you are located. If in doubt, choose the time zone closest to your location with the same rules for daylight-saving time.

If a user changes their time zone on their profile, will all opportunities, sign-ups, etc. update to match their new time zone?


What if a user’s Search Location in the demographic file only includes the country?

For countries that span multiple time zones, a time zone from that country is automatically chosen. This is why including city, province/state, country is important.

Does user time zone affect tax receipting?

No, tax receipts are always in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). That means that donations made just before midnight on Dec. 31 in New York (EST) may be receipted for Jan. 1, if it is Jan. 1 in London (UTC). This is standard for all users and does not depend on their profile time zone.

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