March 2022: Secrets to Success: How Leading Brands Are Creating Impactful Employee Engagement Programs



Date: March 3, 2022

Our panelists shared the findings from our latest Benevity Lab’s Report, The Best of the Best in Employee Engagement. The report unpacks the way leading brands are creating higher program participation, especially while top talent is looking for more purpose and impact at work.
This webinar also taught us how companies can strengthen their culture and become a leading employer along with five powerful traits of engaging corporate purpose programs.


Hear from:

  • Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity
  • Liam O'Gorman, Principal Client Success Manager, Benevity 


At this webinar, you’ll learn: how the most purpose-driven brands (of all sizes, budgets and industries) design impactful corporate purpose programs — and get the data to back it up. How to strengthen your culture and become a top employer during a time when top talent has plenty of options, and get the five most powerful traits of the most engaging corporate purpose programs


Missed the webinar? Download a PDF summary attached below, or register now to access the replay!


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