Glossary for Spark reports

Common terms and definitions used across Spark's reports. To learn more, check out the list of current reports in Spark.

All reports

  • Active user: Any user that currently has access to Spark.
  • Eligible user: Any user that had access to Spark during the selected timeframe.
  • Participant: Any user that has taken action (donated, tracked volunteer time, completed a mission).
  • UTC: Universal Time Coordinated. Primary international standard for regulating time. Also known as GMT.

Company impact report

  • Participation rate: Participants, displayed as a percentage of eligible or active users.
  • Missions: Missions are big change initiatives everyone can participate in by completing small activities. Some Missions cover initiatives like sustainability, racial justice, animal rights and food equity.
  • Causes Supported: The total number of nonprofits that received donations. This is displayed on the Giving participation report for programs that include volunteering.
  • Opportunities: The total number of volunteer opportunities completed. This is displayed on the Volunteering participation report for programs that include volunteering.
  • Activities: In Missions, a small action that drives big change. Such as Meatless Mondays or bike to work challenges.

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Donation Reports (DR)

  • DR amount: Amount of the invoice. (A negative amount reflects a credit back to you. Most commonly the result of a reversal.)
  • Status: The payment status of your report (updated every 1–2 days). Possible statuses:
    • Paid: Report fully paid.
    • Unpaid: No payment made at all.
    • Partial: A payment has been made, but there are still amounts due.
    • Temporarily funded: The respective foundation temporarily funded the amount due so that donations can be disbursed on time. Payment is still required.

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Giving report

  • Start date (UTC): When the donation or match request was submitted. For payroll donations, when the money has been taken off the user's pay check and confirmed in Spark.
  • End date (UTC): When the donation or match request was approved.

Volunteering report

  • Start date (UTC): When the volunteer submitted their time for approval.
  • End date (UTC): When the volunteer time was approved.

Web analytics report

  • User: An employee who is signed in to your Spark site. Visitors to your company's Community Impact Portal are not included.
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