Survey (impact reporting) program configuration guide

This guide is intended for those who will assist with Survey Setup in Grants (NGE) – your new Community Investment platform. It should be reviewed by the Program Administrators below to ensure preparation for and completion of the implementation activities.


What is Grants?

Grants is a community investment browser-based SaaS platform that will streamline your processes to make program management more efficient, more impactful and better aligned with your strategic goals. That means your program runs smoothly while your administrative load gets lighter. Configuration is divided into two parts: Applicant/External facing (forms and surveys) & Admin facing (Management Interface).



In Benevity Grants you can send follow-up surveys (via email) to grantees so that you can learn more about your investments and tell your company’s impact story. You can send out follow-up surveys immediately or choose a specific date in the future to send them. You can create different types of surveys to be used at different times within your granting cycle, and they can be configured to pull in applicant information from the original application form submitted.



Throughout the Grants implementation, we will work to build your required Surveys by:

  • Deciding which answers from your original application form should be hydrated over as reference within the survey
  • Identify what information is required on the survey to accurately portray the impact your funding has for the recipient organization and community



Technical Details

There are several technical requirements for the Survey setup that will be required during your implementation:

  • Theming specifications
  • All survey form text and questions (complete with dropdown responses if applicable)
    • Conditional logic associated with questions (if applicable)
    • Which answers from the original application form should be pulled into the survey
  • Automation requirements to schedule the survey (example: 6 months from the approval date)
    • Surveys can also be manually triggered by the admin if they will be scheduled ad-hoc
  • Custom expiry requirements



We find that our clients have the best post-launch experience when they consider Benevity’s best practices and recommendations. Here are some related to the Surveys:

  • Surveys are generally much more condensed compared to the original application. Shorter forms will have a higher chance of being completed (as organizations may be less inclined to spend time on the form as the funding has already been received)
  • Where possible, pull over answers from the original application form. Many applications may be filled in with group inbox contact details and the survey could be completed by a different individual than who submitted the original application.
  • If possible, automate the sending of the survey to alleviate the manual work on behalf of the admin
  • Use easy to understand language on the form itself, and only ask for impact details that you need.
  • Right sized reporting – similarly to building application forms, we can aim to reduce the burden of reporting on an applicant by requiring it only for larger or multi year funding


Next Steps

Get a head start! Review the Technical Details above and start work on gathering the technical requirements prior to kicking off your implementation.

Items you should gather for your survey setup prior to implementation are:

  • List of all questions for each survey
    • If possible, also call out any answers from the original application form that you would like to hydrate over to the survey form.
  • Theming requirements
    • Client Logo: 200x500 pixels (png or svg)
    • Image for Landing Page: 1080 pixels wide rectangular high-quality image
    • Colour Codes: for action bars and buttons
  • If applicable, automated scheduling requirements
  • Survey expiry timeframe (typically 30 days)


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