Budget setup program configuration guide

This guide is intended for those who will assist with Budget Setup in Benevity Grants (NGE) – your new Community Investment platform. It should be reviewed by the Program Administrators below to ensure preparation for and completion of the implementation activities.


What is Benevity Grants?

Benevity Grants is a community investment browser-based SaaS platform that will streamline your processes to make program management more efficient, more impactful and better aligned with your strategic goals. That means your program runs smoothly while your administrative load gets lighter. Configuration is divided into two parts: Applicant/External facing (forms and surveys) & Admin facing (Management Interface).



The Budget tool in Benevity Grants lets you view past budgets, edit current budgets, and plan for future budgets. You can have an unlimited number of budgets, but each individual budget has a maximum of four levels. The budget tool does not interface with any other software but will allow you to track your community investment budget as you approve and pay out individual pay cards associated with requests.



Throughout the Grants implementation, we will work to keep track of your community investment spending by:

  • Viewing past budgets, editing current budgets, and planning for future budgets
  • Managing multiple currencies within one overall annual budget



Technical Details

There are several technical requirements for the Budget Tool that will be required during your implementation:

  • Budget line names for each level (up to 3 levels)
  • Default currency for your annual budget
  • Currency associated with each budget line


Helpful Info

Here is some helpful information to consider when you are reviewing your budget structure:

  • If you have a 3 level structure, when creating a payment card you would be selecting the lowest level budget name.
    • IE: in the example above If “Corporate 010” is a level 1 budget, and you have Level 2 Option of “Administration 0019” with Level 3 options of “Community Affairs” and “Conservation” etc. you would be able to select one of the Community Affairs or Conservation budget lines and that those amounts would roll up to the overall “Administration” amount.
  • You can have an unlimited number of budgets, but when creating a paycard you will have to scroll through all of the budgets available based on your permissions.
  • If you don’t currently have a budget structure, you can simply start with one level or line item. This generic budget will need to be selected when creating a paycard but all payments would show against this one budget line.


Next Steps

Get a head start! Review the Technical Details above and start work on gathering the technical requirements prior to kicking off your implementation.

Items you should gather for your budget setup prior to implementation are:

  • List of budget names (for both Cash and InKind Budgets if applicable)
  • The default currency for your overall budget
  • Currency associated with each budget line

Note: You do not need to provide dollar amounts associated with each budget. You will be able to input these post launch.


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