Submitting and tracking support requests

The best way to contact Benevity support teams is by submitting a request through the B-Hive. Anyone with a B-Hive profile can submit requests; however, you must be logged in to the B-Hive to see the form link. Once you submit a request, you can track its status in your B-Hive My activities page. 

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Submitting a request

  1. Go to the B-Hive and log in. 
  2. Select Submit a support request, located on the top of every B-Hive page. (Also a link at the bottom of every page.)


  3. Fill in the form.
  4. Select Submit.

Our Benevity support teams will email you as soon as possible after reviewing your request. 

Track your requests

Go to the B-Hive, open the dropdown next to your name, and select My activities.

A list of all the requests you have submitted will display. Click on an individual request to view its details. Filter your requests by status to see what’s been resolved, what’s being worked on, and what is waiting for your reply.



What do the different requests statuses mean?

  • Open: Benevity’s support team is working to resolve the request.
  • Awaiting your reply: Benevity’s support team is waiting for your reply.
  • Solved: Your request was resolved.


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