Create reports on inactive user funds

In Benevity Reporting, you can create a report that will show a list of your inactive users and their My Funds balances. An inactive user is someone who has been inactive in your program for 12 months or more.

This report can be a helpful reference for when you want to donate inactive user funds to a default cause. And after you donate to the cause, you can go back into Benevity Reporting to create a second report for summarizing those donated inactive user funds.

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How to create a report on inactive user funds

  1. Sign in to your Benevity Reporting account.
  2. Select the Stock Reporting folder from the repository.
  3. Open the User Giving – Account Balance report.


  4. Build your report by entering the following details in the Options sidebar:
    • Under Account, select My Funds.
    • Under User Email, make sure no emails are selected. If there are, click Deselect All.
    • Under Currency, select individual currencies or click Select All.
    • Leave Balance is greater than as 0.
    • Under User Status, select Inactive.
    • Under Deactivated date filter is on or before, select the 12 months in the past date. The time can stay as 00:00:00.
    • Under Foundation Name, select individual foundations or click Select All.
    • Select Apply to build the report.


The report will fill with rows of inactive employees and the amount of My Funds money they have remaining in their accounts. You export the report by selecting the Export icon, to the right of the Save icon, on the toolbar.

How to create a report on recently donated inactive user funds

After you clear your inactive user funds, you can create an ad-hoc report to compare those donations from user-initiated donations.

To do this, create an ad-hoc report, with the following specifications:

  • Use Donation Description as a filter.
  • Select User Default Rule Donation to only see the transactions that were donated to the default cause.
  • Add the fields and measures that you want in the report. For example, Employee ID, User Full Name, Cause ID, Currency and  Total User Donation.


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