September 3, 2021: Weekly Roundup

Here is a list of what’s new, what’s been updated and what’s being discussed on the B-Hive during the week of September 3rd, 2021. Check out what’s happening in:


Benevity Buzz - Elevate Your Annual Campaigns

Boost Your Annual Campaign Participation!

  • Your people want to contribute to positive change in their community, and you help them do that every day. But what about employees who still haven’t logged in? Chances are they just aren’t aware of your program or aren’t sure how to get started. We know that when people take the first step to log in, they’re more likely to participate. So, download our activation kit with step-by-step instructions to see who hasn’t logged in, and then use our pre-made communications template to encourage them to get in on the Goodness!

Making a Business Case for Purpose

  • Are you ready to embrace purpose? Watch part one of a two-part webinar series to hear how you can build confidence among your stakeholders with the right data and compelling impact stories. We cover key steps to consider as you build your business case for purpose.

New Content & Resources

  • If you’re looking for ideas or simply want to enhance your annual campaign, use the new content below to inspire your company and people to support those affected by the earthquake in Haiti and the fast-moving crisis in Afghanistan.
  • New Feature! Easy Copy Campaigns
    • The trusted content you know and love just got easier! You can now find a URL link in our campaign kits on the B-Hive that will make it easier for you to share Giving Opportunities with your employees. You can then embed the URL into a cover story, news item, or even in your employee communications, saving you time and effort when running timely campaigns! Check out the links in the campaign kits below.
  • Crisis in Afghanistan
    • The people of Afghanistan face a humanitarian crisis. Mid-August, the Taliban seized Kabul and took control of the government, initiating a massive evacuation. The crisis is now being deepened by further violence, after suicide bombers and gunmen killed at least 73 people in an attack on the Kabul airport on August 26. The surprising speed of the takeover has caught the world off guard, and the threat of violence against citizens, dissenters and especially against women and girls is worrying many around the globe. A response is needed urgently.
  • Earthquake in Haiti
    • A large earthquake has struck the island nation of Haiti, claiming at least 1,300 lives, injuring at least 5,700 and destroying more than 13,000 homes. A United Nations team is calling for assistance on a large scale, including medical aid, water, sanitation, and hygiene. When you donate to this giving opportunity, you will be helping organizations that are swiftly mobilizing to help the people of this hard-hit country that is coping with disasters on many fronts.

Benevity Webinars - Collaborating on Connection: How Employee Resource Groups Can Make Perfect CSR Partners

  • Find out how you can partner with ERGs to build a CSR program that’s truly meaningful for employees, while making a difference for underrepresented groups. Get inspired to engage with ERGs to leverage shared support, connection and passion.

Save the Date! What’s Now, What’s Next at Benevity

  • Learn about our recent enhancements and what’s to come at our September 28 webinar!

Join Benevity Impact Labs in Re-Defining Virtual Volunteering

  • Do you feel inspired to push the boundaries of Goodness? If so, keep reading! Benevity Impact Labs is partnering in a study with ideas42, a global leader in behavioural science research, to explore how virtual volunteering can be re‑defined in our new hybrid world. If you have Benevity’s volunteering and payroll donation capabilities enabled, you're eligible to participate in this research opportunity.

Industry Partner Events & News

  • Participate in ACCP’s Equity in CSR Survey!
    • ACCP is conducting a first-of-its-kind sector landscape survey to better understand the demographic make-up of the corporate citizenship profession, recruiting approaches focused on diversity and inclusion, and practices around funding equity initiatives. Be sure to take the survey before Aug. 30!
  • Webinar! Continuing the Journey of Building a Culture of Equity and Inclusion
    • Join Spotify and Benevity as they discuss what they, along with other purpose-driven companies, have been able to achieve this past year in the fight against inequality. Learn how these actions compare to the overall employee awareness of companies’ public commitments to address racial justice and equity. And, what the impact is when companies address social issues (or don’t) in the workplace.


  • Find What You Need, Faster!
    • In June, we removed the sign-in requirement to access content in the B-Hive Knowledge Base so you can seamlessly find the product how-tos you need, faster. And now, we’ve made even more content across several categories openly accessible! Keep in mind that there is some content reserved for you, our Program Managers, and your teams only – such as financial documentation, bespoke content and image libraries – and will still require authentication through your sites!

Benevity Podcast

  • Speaking of Purpose... (Episode 5): Stakeholder Capitalism and the Future of Business - A company’s primary responsibility used to be the pursuit of profit. But now, in the age of stakeholder capitalism, we’re seeing a surge in corporate purpose. But what exactly is stakeholder capitalism, and what impact does it have on a company’s bottom line? Bruce Simpson, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Co. and CEO of Stephen A. Schwarzman Foundation has the answers.


In the Loop

In Case You Missed It

  • We'll be using a new third-party vendor,, Inc. ("Courier"), to send email and SMS notifications from all Benevity products to program administrators and employees.


Content and Campaign Resources

Hurricane Ida

  • Hurricane Ida, one of the strongest storms to ever strike the U.S. has left the state of Louisiana in crisis. We've created resources to help you support national relief organizations and key local causes who are on the ground caring for people in need.

Upcoming Content Highlights

  • See what’s running in your Spark sites each week with this handy Trending Now calendar. We've recently created one new unified calendar that shows all three supported countries in a single view. This week the following content will be featured:
    USA: Earthquake in Haiti
    Canada: Earthquake in Haiti
    UK: Earthquake in Haiti


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