Reviewing employee nominations for grants

Involve your employees in your granting program by providing a form for them to nominate an organization for a grant. Your team can review nominations in Benevity Grants to decide if they fit with your larger community investment goals and strategies, and proceed.

Before you Begin

You must have this feature enabled to receive nominations from your employees. There is a cost to enable employee grant nominations, contact your Client Success Manager to get started.

Sharing the nomination form

Once you have set up a nomination form, you'll need to share the URL with your employees:

  1. Navigate to your nomination form using the URL provided by Benevity.
  2. Open the Actions dropdown and select Share a blank application.
  3. Copy the link and paste it into an email, chat message, internal wiki, or any other method you prefer to share it.

Any employee with access to the URL can complete a nomination form and submit it for review. On submission, they will receive an email confirming that the nomination was received and it’s now pending review.


Reviewing employee nominations

All submitted nominations are available to review in the Benevity Grants platform:

  1. Go to Invitations and select the Nominated filter to view employee nominations. 
  2. Select a nomination and go to the Details tab to review the information entered on the form.
  3. Go to the Admin tab.
  4. Open the Invitation status dropdown and select Invited or Declined, depending on your decision.
  5. Select Save.

Declined nominations

If you decline a nomination, a decline email is sent to the employee who submitted it. You can edit the email before it is sent.

Invited nominations

If you approve a nomination and update it to have an Invited status, an invitation email is sent to the cause, including a link to the grant application. Details from the nomination form will be completed for the cause in their application.

Once the cause has completed their application form, the status of the invitation will change to Applied and a new request will be submitted to your program. Select the request # linked at the top of the invitation to open the submitted request. You can also find it directly on the Requests page.

Tip: You can also set up an automated workflow that invites all nominated causes to apply for a grant. For more information, contact

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