September 2021: Collaborating on connection - How employee resource groups can make perfect CSR partners


Date: September 9, 2021
Time: 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT

Support. Passion. Connection. If the goals of employee resource groups (ERGs) sound familiar, it’s probably because your corporate purpose program has similar aims. Join us on September 9 and find out how Splunk and CIBC have partnered with ERGs to build a CSR program that is truly meaningful for employees, while making a difference for underrepresented groups.


Hear from:

  • Patricia Toothman - Social Impact Manager, Splunk
  • Shelley Walushka - Director, Employee Engagement and Partnerships, CIBC
  • Skye White Srisathit - Director, Goodness Solutions, Benevity


At this webinar, you’ll get inspired to engage with ERGs as you discover how to: gain support for your CSR program by collaborating with ERG leaders; enable ERG leaders to engage their people in small, positive actions that lead to big impact; connect with your people by working with ERGs to drive grassroots change; and make engagement a two-way street by using CSR efforts to foster participation in ERGs.


Missed the webinar? Download a PDF summary attached below, or register now to access the replay!


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