Select a default cause for a foundation

When a user’s Spark account has been inactive for 12 months or longer, i.e. not present on your demographic file for more than 12 months, any undeliverable donations or remaining funds from their giving account can be donated to a default cause. This is part of the outstanding funds resolution.

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Who can complete these steps?

Only your company's change signatory can complete these steps.

Cause eligibility requirements

For a cause to be eligible as the foundation default, it must be:

  • Able to receive donations
  • A standard registered charitable organization
  • Located in the same country as the foundation it will be attached to
  • Signed up for electronic fund transfer (EFT)

Steps to select a default cause

Already know how to do it? Skip the steps and fill out the support form.

  1. Find the cause by selecting Search in the top navigation bar or by using the search from the dashboard (in this example, we’ll select Red Cross in Ireland).


  2. In the search results page, change your search location to the same country of the foundation.


  3. When you’ve found the cause you want to use, click anywhere on the search results card to open its profile. 


  4. In the cause’s profile, confirm that the Donate Now button is shown (meaning it's eligible to receive donations).


  5. Go to the Details tab of its profile and confirm that:
    • Cause type is standard registered charitable organization.
    • Payment type is electronic fund transfer (EFT).
    • Cause address is in the same country as the foundation.


  6. Now that you’ve confirmed those details, you’ll add their cause ID number into the default cause form. Copy the ID number from the cause profile page URL. The ID is a series of numbers that come directly after cause/ in the URL.


  7. Paste the ID into the appropriate foundation field when filling in the form:

After we receive your completed form, we'll get the cause set up and email you when your inactive funds can be donated.

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