Inviting a cause to apply for a grant

Benevity Grants users can send a cause a personalized invitation to apply for their granting program.  Select users can enter cause and contact information, and edit the invitation email before it's sent through the platform.

To include invitations in your program, or to incorporate them into an automated workflow, contact your Client Success Manager.

Create a new invitation

First, open a new invitation and enter the cause details: 

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select Create New Invitation
  2. Search for the organization using filters and the search field. 
  3. Choose the relevant cause and select Select.

What if I can’t find the cause?
If you can't find your cause, it is likely they’re not registered in the Benevity Causes Portal.

You have two options:

  • If you plan to disburse funds via your internal accounts payable, select Manually enter the organization details and complete this information.
  • If you plan to disburse funds via Benevity, select nominate this cause.

Once you have the correct cause details, you need to provide a contact and review the email: 

  1. Enter information for the main contact at the organization. 
  2. Select the Invitation type. If your program has multiple types of invitations, the templated email subject and body will update.
  3. (optional) Edit the email subject line and message.
    • Tip: Use the merge tags to quickly pull in the information you entered in the contact fields. If you made a mistake with the merge tags, select Reset to default to start again.

  4. (optional) Enter internal comments for your colleagues or future reference. These comments are not shared with the cause.grants-invitation-internal-comments.png

  5. Select Send immediately when you are ready to send the invitation. 

Your invitation has been created! To view all sent invitations, go to the dashboard and select the Invitations Sent tile.

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