Invite a cause to apply for a grant

Benevity Grants users can send a personalized invitation to a cause they want to see apply for a grant. Invitations go out by email. Before the email gets sent, select users can fill in the invitation form to customize which person from the cause the invitation will go to, and what the email should say.

The steps below will show you how to manually invite a cause. If you want to learn how you can have invitations go out automatically, contact your Benevity Client Success Manager.

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select Create New Invitation. (or go Quick Views > Invitations and select Create new invitation).


  2. Find the cause by using search or the location filters.


  3. When you find the cause, click Select.


What if I can’t find the cause?
Most likely this means that they’re not registered in the Benevity Causes Portal. You have two options:

  • If you plan to disburse funds via your internal accounts payable, select Manually enter the organization details and fill in the form.
  • If you plan to disburse funds via Benevity, select nominate this cause.


  1. Fill in the contact information.


  2. Select the Invitation type. If your program has multiple types of invitations, the email text shown will change based off your selection.
  3. (optional) Edit the email subject line and message.

    Tip: Use the merge tags to quickly pull in the information you entered in the contact fields. If you made a mistake with the merge tags, select Reset to default to start again.


  4. (optional) Write any internal comments for your fellow grants users. These comments are not shared with the cause.


  5. When you’re done the form, select Send immediately at the bottom of the page.
  6. Your invitation has been created! To view the invitation, go to Quick Views > Invitations and select the Invited filter at the top of the table.



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