Building Your Workday Demographic Data

User demographic data is sent through Certified Benevity Workday Integration on a recurring basis to create and maintain user profiles in Spark. This data is also used to ensure you get the right information into Spark. It includes the content necessary to manage your Spark program and create the post-launch reporting data needed for driving increased engagement.

To ensure the right content comes through in the user demographic data, it’s important you understand what we’re trying to accomplish and who we need to involve to get there.



The demographic-data content is used to drive Spark site functionality. Specifically, to:

  • Create and maintain user accounts
  • Facilitate user authentication
  • Drive program requirements (e.g., eligibility, budgets, currency experiences, etc.)
  • Generate post-launch reporting results
  • Allow content featuring to specific user groups



Who to Involve

To set up your demographic data, you will need to involve a few teams and people on your end to complete activities during different phases of the Implementation. A summary is below, along with the typical effort required, and which Implementation Phases they can expect to be involved in. To learn more about the project phases, check out the Implementation Overview.


Tips and Tricks



Implementation Activities

The information below provides a summary of what the Program Owner and Project Manager can do to help your Technical Representatives get started.

Program Owner


Project Manager




We find that our clients have the best post-launch experience when they consider Benevity’s best practices and recommendations. Here are some related to demographic data:

  • An inclusive program will have the same eligibility for all employees, regardless of their level or tenure. Complex programs will likely add to the duration and effort of the implementation and may negatively impact participation post-launch.
  • Please ensure that any data you are sending is within the scope of your organization’s security and legal practices; every country and organization has different perspectives on PII (personally identifiable information) and what is acceptable to send to external vendors.


Next Steps

Now that you understand what demographic data is and how we will use it to implement and manage your Spark site, please share your program information, field requirements, and the Workday Integration Technical Guide with the Technical Representatives listed above to get started.  

Please reach out to your CSM for more information about the Workday Integration or to your existing Implementation team for the additional technical materials required for this integration. 


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