June 30, 2021: Weekly Roundup

Here is a list of what’s new, what’s been updated and what’s being discussed on the B-Hive during the week of June 30th, 2021. Check out what’s happening in:


Benevity Buzz - Resources to get you ready for campaign season

We know your annual campaign season is coming soon. To help you prepare and maximize your impact, we’re sharing inspiring videos, actionable strategies and other resources you can use now to hit the ground running! Our monthly newsletter, sent out this week, focuses on how inspiring people-powered action can translate into big participation success for your annual campaign. Here's what's included: 

Build Your Global Ambassador Network!

  • One of the most effective ways to empower your people to do more good and increase employee participation at a local level is by creating a global ambassador program. Get started with our Ambassador Guide that’s packed with best practices, case studies and communication templates to help you engage and recruit your people and build your team.

Make Goodness go Viral!

  • Looking for a creative way to catalyze real people-powered action and engagement? Learn how Peer Matching empowers your people to develop authentic, meaningful content and amplify their voices to support causes that are important to them.

B-Hive: Find What You Need, Faster!

  • We’ve removed the sign-in requirement for the content in the B-Hive Knowledge Base so you can seamlessly access the product how-to content you need, faster.

New Content and Resources!

  • Racial Justice & Anti-Racism Missions - We’ve got two new Missions challenges that will make it easier for your people to take action, including an update to the Justice & Equity for Black People challenge, and a new challenge, Stand Together Against Anti-Asian Racism. Both are available in our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging library.
  • Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis in India - The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a public health catastrophe in India, with devastating impacts touching all aspects of daily life. Use these resources to support the ongoing healthcare response as well as the broader humanitarian emergency in India.
  • COVID-19 Global Health Response - Help support the major international healthcare NGOs who are on the ground in the hardest-hit countries, bringing critical medical supplies, resources, personnel and training, and working on the front lines of the public health response to save lives.
  • Care for Residential School Survivors - The discoveries of nearly 1,000 bodies at former residential schools in Marieval, Saskatchewan and Kamloops, BC is a horrifying reminder for all Canadians that our colonial and racist past is still unresolved. These content resources will help you create a giving opportunity in support of causes who are working directly with survivors, their communities and families.

Benevity Webinars

  • Increasing Business Value Through Community Investment- On June 9, we hosted a webinar with community investment expert and thought leader, Michelle DiSabato, President of Community Impact Consults. Listen as she shares how you can tell your social impact story across your company and be a voice within the business strategy conversation.
  • Trending Towards a New Era of Corporate Purpose - This June 24 webinar unpacked key insights about the future of corporate purpose from experts Sona Khosla from the Benevity Impact Labs and Una Osili from the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy on how the last year has changed the landscape for purpose-driven businesses.
  • Register Now! Turning one Donation Into Many With Peer Matching - Join us July 14 for our webinar to discover a whole new way to empower your people, from a grassroots or executive level, to start their own movements and rally peer support. You’ll also learn strategies to integrate peer giving into your CSR program year-round or during specific campaigns, without adding to your corporate budget.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • The Return on Inclusion When Integrated Into Your Company’s DNA - Inclusion is a choice. When companies intentionally create a workplace that weaves inclusion into the fabric of their business, success is guaranteed — for the company, for its people and its communities. Watch this short video as Vivian from Fiserv explains the virtuous cycle.
  • Apply for the Change the World List! - Each year, Fortune publishes the Change the World List to celebrate companies and leaders that embrace corporate purpose and recognize how it can add value to business and society. Apply today!

Benevity Podcast

  • Speaking of Purpose... (Episode 2): How to Sustain a Movement After the Moment Has Passed - During summer 2020, Black Lives Matter became a critical global conversation. Donations to racial equity causes through our giving platform reached a record-breaking high. Six months later as headlines faded, momentum and donations fell. In response, Christina Lewis and Stephanie Ellis-Smith created Give Blck to continue raising the visibility of Black-led causes. Join us as they share how we can keep the momentum going toward racial justice and support long-term systemic change.


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  • See what’s running in your Spark sites each week with this handy Trending Now calendar. We've recently created one new unified calendar that shows all three supported countries in a single view. Next week the following content will be featured:
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