Web Analytics: Page Views Dashboard

The Web Analytics: Page Views Dashboard gives you detailed stats on the number of times a Spark page has been viewed by users. You can see these page views for giving opportunities, volunteer opportunities, Missions and news articles. The data is updated daily, and you can pull data from as far back as December 28, 2018.

To open the dashboard, select the Stock Reporting folder from the repository, scroll down and select Web Analytics: Page Views Dashboard.

Repository of stock reports with the page views dashboard highlighted

The dashboard has four sections: a total number of page views over a given time period; a line graph on page views trends; a bar graph on the percentage of all users by page type; and a table on the top 25 pages.

The Options pane on the left side of the screen has three filters: date range, page type and page URL. You can use these filters to customize the stats shown on the dashboard.



Page views and page views trends

Page views is the number of times a page has been viewed, including multiple times by the same user. This metric is useful in understanding user engagement trends and gauging what your users are interested in.

The page views trends line graph shows you how the metric page views is trending, and if you're seeing any expected or unexpected dips and spikes. These timely insights will help you know whether you need to take action around increasing awareness or changing your campaign messaging.



% of all users by page type

This bar graph shows you where people are spending their time once they log in (remember that the default date range is 30 days). In the image below, you can see a robust program with lots of user engagement with giving and volunteer opportunities (about 60% of users who logged in viewed at least one giving or volunteer opportunity).




Date range

The default date range is the last 30 days. To change the range, pick a new start and end date, and select Apply.


Page type filter

The page type filter controls the data in the "Top 25 pages by page views" table. You can use the page type filter to change the type of pages to show in the table.

In the image below, the page type filter was changed to show the top 25 volunteer opportunities. Included in the table are the opportunities with the most views, how many unique users viewed the opportunity, and the percentage of users who viewed the opportunity. 


Page URL

Use the Page URL filter to see page views for a single volunteer opportunity. What you will search for is the URL of the volunteer opportunity excluding your Spark site name and selected language.

For example, if the URL on your Spark site is yoursparksite.benevity.org/en-ca/volunteer/38909, you would copy and paste /volunteer/38909 into the search and select Apply.

Page URL filter



Page Views: The number of times a page has been viewed, including multiple times by the same user.

Users: The unique number of visitors to the specific page.

% of All Users: Of all the unique users who logged into your Spark site within the selected date range, the percentage who viewed a specific page.

Page Title: The title of the page being viewed.

Page URL: The URL of the page. The URL excludes your Spark site name and language selected by the user.

Page Type: The categorization of pages into giving opportunities, volunteer opportunities, Missions and news articles.


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